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Calm the Palace Pill with Cattle Gallstone

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Health Benefits
For: Stroke • Aphthous stomatitis (mouth ulcers) • Viral Meningitis • Viral encephalitis B • Pertussis • Pneumonia from measles • Icteric hepatitis • Seizures • Convulsions • Hepatic encephalopathy • Heat stroke • Canker sores • Epilepsy • Schizophrenia • Acute pancreatitis • Kawasaki disease • Acute nephritis • Hepatic cancer • Leukemia • Septicemia
Attributes: Antiviral • Antipyretic • Hypotensive • Anti-inflammatory • Sedative • Detoxifying
Products (online examples)


Usage Video

Usage Video
  • Cost is roughly $150 per pill (2019).  The high cost has led to many dangerous counterfeit products.  Only two suppliers were found online.  One from Hong Kong and the other from mainland China.
  • This formula is widely used in China and sometimes in liquid form, given intravenously.25
  • Approved by the State Food and Drug Administration of China for the treatment of stroke.Ref
Research (sample)
Categories (Click on ⌕ for other formulas in the category)
Category: Clear Heat and Open the Orifices ⌕    Subcategory: Eliminates Toxins ⌕      Family:  ⌕      Source: Wen Bing Tiao Bian  ⌕       Related Formula: Niu Huang Qing Xin Wan • Zi Xue Dan • Zhi Bao Dan
Clear heat • Calms the heart • Remove toxins • Clear phlegm • Open orifices
Indications and Contraindications
Appearance: Tongue -Very red       Pulse -Rapid      Face/other 
Patterns: Hot phlegm blocking the heart orifice • Acute heat in Pericardium • Coma due to Wind-Stroke 
Indications: High fever • Delirious • Deteriorating conditions but not yet comatose • Impaired consciousness • Throaty phlegm • Coma
Contraindications:  Long term use • Cold type disorders • Pregnancy • Abandoned syndrome
Data adapted from product found online.  Categories 4% or less not shown.

HERBS Cat/Dose Actions Properties
Niu Huang
Xi Jiao (Shui Niu Jiao)*♥ 
She Xiang
Huang Lian • Coptis • 黄连♥  Clear Heat Dry Dampness
Clear heat • Drain fire • Dry dampness • Clear vexation • Detoxify • Clear damp heat Antibiotic • Antiulcer • Stimulant • Digestive • Anti-inflammatory • Hypotensive • Antipyretic • Cholagogic
Huang QinBaical Skullcap • 黄芩   ♥  Clear Heat Dry Dampness
Clear heat • Dry dampness • Stop bleeding • Calm fetus • Calm liver yang rising • Clear damp heat Antibiotic • Anti-inflammatory • Antioxidative • Antipyretic • Cholagogic • Hepatoprotective • Hypoglycemic • Hypotensive • Neuroprotective • Sedative
Zhi Zi • Gardenia • 栀子♥  Clear Heat Drain Fire
Clear heat • Drain damp heat • Drain fire • Stop bleeding • Reduce injury swelling Sedative • Hypotensive • Antibiotic • Laxative • Anti-inflammatory • Antibacterial • Antipyretic
Xiong Huang**  
Bing Pian ♥ 

Yu Jin

Zhu Sha**  

Zhen Zhu  

King/Chief    ♥ Minister/Deputy      Assistant     ♦ Envoy
Directions: Grind all ingredients into powder and mix with honey to form 3g pills.  Take one pill 2-3 times a day depending on severity.  Children under 3 take 1/4 pill and ages 4 to 6 years old take 1/2 pill.25 

 * Xi Jiao (Rhinocerus Horn) is substituted by Shui Niu Jiao (water buffalo horn) today because rhinocerus is an endangered species. 

** Zhu Sah (Cinnabaris) and Xiong Huang (Realgar) are not used today because of its high concentration in heavy metal.  That said, the product below was made in 1998 and it contains both ingredients plus water buffalo horn.  There is also research showing the benefits of Zhu Sah and Xiong Huang on brain diseases.  It is unclear whether modifying the formula changes its intended strength and effect


Modifications For
+ Ren Shen Deficient pulse25
+ Jin Yin Hua + Bo He Excessive pulse25
+ Zi Xue Dan High fever25

This formula is design for emergency use (loss of consciousness, delirium, stroke, etc).  It is very potent and not for long term maintenance use.  It's weaker counterpart, Wan Shi Niu Huang Qin Xin Wan, is used for less acute symptoms.

ALERT: Contraindications of each herb - use with caution under these conditions:
Huang Lian: Allergic reaction to berberine • Buttercup flower allergies • Long term use can damage spleen or stomach • Spleen deficiency cold • Stomach deficiency cold
Huang Qin: Pregnancy • Children • Breast feeding • Deficiency heat in lungs • Middle burner cold • Restless fetus from cold • Edema • Blood deficiecy abdominal pain • Spleen deficiency • Kidney deficiency diarrhea • Poor appetite • Blood deficiency • High risk pregnancy • Fetal heat
Zhi Zi: Loose stool • Poor appetite • Diarrhea • Spleen deficiency

Editor experience: My mother brought this formula to my attention.  She had 3 of these pills as safety precautions.   A few weeks ago, my brother had a serious case of viral mouth ulcers, blisters, and 101 fever.  He had difficulty eating.  He went to his regular doctor, who told him it was viral and had to run its course.  My brother, reluctant at first, eventually got desperate and took one of the pills.  He said it was bitter since he chewed it by mouth.  The next day, he felt better and took a second pill without telling mother.  Mother freaked out and told him that he could overdose and hid the third pill.  Yet after another 24 hours, his sores and fever were gone and he health returned.


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Information in this post came from many sources, including class notes, practitioners, websites, webinars, books, magazines, and editor's personal experience.  While the original source often came from historical Chinese texts,  variations may result from the numerous English translations.   Always consult a doctor prior to using these drugs.  The information here is strictly for educational purposes. 

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