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This site is for students and practitioners of plant based medicine to share information. Please DO NOT use any data here as medical advise.

Thank you for visiting this site. First and foremost, we emphasize again that no one should use data from this site as medical advise. The data on this site is meant for students to share notes from class, reference books, and other material. Some information may be out of date or completely incorrect. Please consult a doctor for medical purposes.

This site contains primarily information on herbs from Traditional Chinese Medicine but also include herbs from other parts of the world. If you are a student or practitioner, please provide feedback in the comment area. We would love to hear from others and add to this body of knowledge sharing.

Our goal is to captures the scientific studies supporting the benefits, provide quick search capabilities of herbs according to on health concerns, provide links where products are are found, and other interesting data.

This site is a labor of love over time by many contributors whose goal is to share knowledge - of which, some may be accurate, controversial or out dated.  Please bear with its imperfections and use it where it may serve you in your studies.