Malt Sugar, Yi Tang, 饴糖, Saccharum granorum

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Health Benefits
For: Dry cough • Abdominal pain • Shortness of breath
Attributes: Atitussive
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Sugar • Maltose • Proteins • Vitamin B • Fats

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Fun Facts
Other Names: Maltose • Jiao Tang
Plant Family: N/A
Yi Tang is a combination of barley malt and rice flour or wheat flour.  The mixture is cooked over low heat.

Properties, Actions, Indications, etc.              Category: Tonify Qi 
English: Malt Sugar    Pinyin:  Yi Tang      Pharmaceutical: Saccharum Granorum  
Organs: Lung • Spleen • Stomach  Temperature: Warm  
Taste: Sweet  Toxicity:   
Patterns: Lung deficiency • Dry cough • Spleen deficiency • Qi deficiency 
Actions:  Moisten lungs • Stop coughing • Tonify spleen • Tonify Qi • Relax tension • Reduce pain • Coat choking objects
Indications: Dry cough • Fatigue • Shortness of breath
Contraindications: Damp heat • Phlegm• Heat • Pediatric food stagnation • Pediatric malnutrition
Typical Dosage: 30g to 60g          Guidelines
Parts Used:   
Other: Add at very end of decoction
Combine With Purpose
Gui Zhi + Bai Shao + Zhi Gan Cao Spleen deficiency: fatigue, weakness, shortness of breath, poor appetite, abdominal pain [3],[5],[17]
Gui Zhi + Bai Shao + Zhi Gan Cao + Huang Qi Acute Qi deficiency + spleen deficiency [3],[5],[17],[18]
Gui Zhi + Bai Shao + Zhi Gan Cao + Dang Gui Acute blood deficiency [3],[17],[18]
Hua Jiao + Gan Jiang + Ren Shen Yin cold, yang deficiency in the middle jiao [17]
Feng Mi + Bai Bu + Xing Ren Lung deficiency dry cough [17]
Xing Ren + Bai Bu + Sha Shen Dry Cough[3],[18]
Huang Qi + Dang Shen +Zhi Gan Cao + Da Zao Spleen deficiency, stomach deficiency [18]
Gan Jiang + Chuan Jiao + Ren Shen Middle Jiao Yang deficiency: cold extremities, vomiting, and abdominal discomfort [3]
Sha Ren Restless fetus syndrom[3]
Dang Shen + Zhi Gan Cao + Da Zao Qi deficiency with fatique, poor appetite and shortness of breath [3]
Formulas with Yi Tang
Da Jian Zhong Tang • Huang Qi Jian Zhong Tang • Xiao Jian Zhong Tang

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Potential Drug Interactions

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Pharma Drugs:

[5], [8]

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