Bai Hu Tang



White Tiger Decoction

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Health Benefits
For: Fever • Diabetes • Encephalitis • Meningitis
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Category: Clear Heat ⌕    Subcategory: Clear Heat From Qi Level ⌕      Family: Shi Gao Lei Fang ⌕      Source:   ⌕       Related Formula:
Clears Qi level heat • Reliefs thirst • Drains fire • Generate fluids
Indications and Contraindications
Appearance: Tongue -      Pulse -      Face/other 
Indications: High fever • Significant sweating • Aversion to heat • Face is red • Thirsty • Headache • Tooth ache • Nose bleed
Data adapted from product found online.  Categories 4% or less not shown.

Herbs Cat/Dose Actions Properties
Shi Gao  
Zhi Mu 
Zhi Gan CaoLicorice Root • 甘草 Tonify Qi
Tonify spleen • Tonify qiTonify blood • Clear heat • Stop cough • Lubricate lungs • Stop wheezing • Reduce spasm • Relieve pain • Harmonize other herb effectsEnters all 12 channels, often serve as envoy in a formula. Hypoglycemic • Antiarrhythmic • Expectorant • Antidiarrheal • Antiulcer • Hepatoprotective • Antiulcer • Immunostimulant • Antitussive • Antiviral • Detox • Demulcent • Anti-inflammatory • Laxative • Emmenagogue • Antimicrobial • Spasmolytic
Geng Mi  
King/Chief    ♥ Minister/Deputy      Assistant     ♦ Envoy
Directions: Cook all ingredients until the rice is ready.  Strain the liquid.  Take 2 to 4 doses.  Sometimes only one dose is required.  If symptoms do not improve after 6-7 doses, stop using formula and get diagnosed again. 
Modifications For
+ Xi Xin+ Huang Lian + Huang Qin Red/swollen eyes, plus sever headache 14
+ Tian Hua Fen + Lu Gen + Mai Men Dong Thirsty, irritable, hungry 14
+ Shan Yao –Geng Mi Stomach Qi deficiency 14
+ Cong Bai +Dan Dou Chi + Xi Xin Exterior wind cold 14
+ Da Huang Gum swelling, headache, dry mouth, nose bleed, constipation 14 
+ Huang Lian Jie Du Tang Disorientation, insomnia, skin blotches 14

  • Do not use for fever from Spleen and stomach deficiency
  • Do not use for true cold and false head 
  • Stop using if usage led to headache, feeling cold, unable to think clearly, or neck stiffness

ALERT: Contraindications of each herb - use with caution under these conditions:
Gan Cao: High blood pressure • Low potassium • Pork • Seaweed • Chinese cabbage • Anti-diabetic drugs • Diuretic drugs



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Information in this post came from many sources, including class notes, practitioners, websites, webinars, books, magazines, and editor's personal experience.  While the original source often came from historical Chinese texts,  variations may result from the numerous English translations.   Always consult a doctor prior to using these drugs.  The information here is strictly for educational purposes. 

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