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True Warrior Decoction

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Health Benefits
For: Nephritis • Liver cirrhosis ascites • Edema • Rheumatoid arthritis • Congestive heart failure • Hypothyroidism
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Category: Expel Dampness ⌕    Subcategory: Warm and Transform Water and Dampness ⌕      Family: Fu Zi Lei Fang ⌕      Source: Shang Han Lun  ⌕       Related Formula:
Warm yang • Promote urination • Reduce water retention
Indications and Contraindications
Appearance: Tongue -Pale • Dark and swollen • White and slippery      Pulse -Foreceless, thin, submerged      Face/other 
Indications: Urinary difficulty • Edema • Diarrhea • No thirst • Abdominal pain worsen with cold • Coughing • Leukorrhea • Vomiting • Palpitations • Heavy and achy limbs
Contraindications: Heat conditions • Water retention only from excess
Data adapted from product found online.  Categories 4% or less not shown.

Herbs Cat/Dose Actions Properties
Bao Fu ZiAconite • 附子 Warm Interior Expel Cold
Restore devastated yang • Warm channels • Warms interior cold • Relief pain • Strengthen Ming Men fire Anodyne • Analgesic • Anti-inflammatory • Antipyretic • Mild sedative
Bai ZhuWhite Atractylodes Root • 白术 Tonify Qi
Tonify qi • Stop sweating • Calms fetus • Edema • Urination difficulty • Reduce pain • Reduce inflammation Anti-inflammatory • Hepatoprotective • Immunity Booster • Hypoglycemic • Antibaterial
Fu LingPoria Mushroom • 茯苓 Drain Dampness
Dry dampness • Tonify spleen • Calm spirit • Relief edema • Detox food poisoning • Promote urination Diuretic • Antibacterial • Anti-inflammatory • Anti-allergic • Hypoglycemic • Antacid • Sedative • Immunity booster
Sheng JiangGinger (Raw) • 生姜 Release Exterior Wind Cold
Release exterior • Stops vomiting • Relieve Nausea • Stops cough • Reduce herb toxicity • Regulate central flow of Qi Expectorant • Cough Suppressant • Digestive • Hypotensive • Antiplatelet • Stimulant • Analgesic • Anti-inflammatory • Antipyretic • CholagogicAntiemetic • Antimutagenic
Bai Shao • White Root Peony • 白芍   Tonify Blood
Tonify blood • Regulate menses • Soothes liver • Relieve pain • Preserve yin analgesic • antibacterial • anti-inflammatory • hepatoprotective • immune system boost • sedative
King/Chief    ♥ Minister/Deputy      Assistant     ♦ Envoy
Modifications For
+ Wu Wei Zi + Ren Shen + Huang Qi Consistent spontaneous seating from yang deficiency 14
+ Wu Ling Ssan or Fang Ji Huang Qi Tang Difficulty urinating 14
– Fu Zi + amount of Sheng Jiang Vomiting from stomach water retention, but lacks lower burner dysfunction symptoms 14
+ Dang Shen + Sha Ren + Du Zhong  +Tu Si Zi +Yin Yang Huo Edema from neprotic syndrome 14
+ Che Qian Zi +Guang Fang Ji + Ze Xie Edema from hear failure with yang deficiency 14
+ Gui Zhi + Dang Shen Damp Cold Leukorrhea 14
– Sheng Jiang + Gan Jiang Bronchitis with Spleen and Kidney yang deficiency 14
– Bai Shao + Gan Jiang Severe Spleen yang deficiency with diarrhea 14
– Fu Ling Frequent urination 14
+ Xi Xin + Gan Jiang + Wu Wei Zi Coughing 14
+ Ren Shen Palpitations from Qi deficiency14
+Hu Lu Ba + Ba Ji tian +Dang Shen + Huang Qi + Lu Jiao Liver cirrhosis ascites (kidney and spleen yang deficiency)14
+ Gui Zhi + Dang Shen Rheumatoid arthritis 14
+ Gua Lou Ren + Gui Zhi + Dan Shen + Xie Bai Chest pains from blockage 14

ALERT: Contraindications of each herb - use with caution under these conditions:
Fu Zi: Soy sauce • Millet • Pregnancy • False cold, true heat • Incompatible with: Bai Ji, Bai Lian, Ban Xia, Chuan Bei Mu, Gua Lou Pi, Gua Lou Ren, Gua Lou Shi, Tian Hua Fen, Zhe Bei Mu • Cao Wu is antagonized by Xi Jiao
Bai Zhu: Autoimmune disorder • Yin deficiency with heat • Dehydration • Foods: black carp, Chinese cabbage, peach, plum and coriander
Fu Ling: Foods: Vinegar, pickled food
Sheng Jiang: Lung heat • Dry cough • Phlegm heat • Full heat • Yin deficiency with heat • Vomiting from stomach heat • Gallstones • Exterior deficiency with unexplained sweating • Horse meat
Bai Shao: Breast feeding • Pregnancy • Bleeding Disorder • Scheduled Surgery


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Information in this post came from many sources, including class notes, practitioners, websites, webinars, books, magazines, and editor's personal experience.  While the original source often came from historical Chinese texts,  variations may result from the numerous English translations.   Always consult a doctor prior to using these drugs.  The information here is strictly for educational purposes. 

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