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Three Substance Pill for Emergencies

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Health Benefits
For: Acute appendicitis • Intestinal obstruction
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Research (sample)
Categories (Click on ⌕ for other formulas in the category)
Category: Drain Downward ⌕    Subcategory: Warm Yang and Purge Accumulation ⌕      Family:  ⌕      Source: Jin Gui Yao Lue  ⌕       Related Formula:
Induce vomiting • Induce diarrhea • Purge cold • Dissolve accumulation
Indications and Contraindications
Appearance: Tongue -Blue-purple, white coat      Pulse -Deep and tight      Face/other 
Patterns: Excess interior cold • Cold food blockage • Qi blockage 
Indications: Abdominal pain • Rapid breathing • Acute chest pain • Lockjaw• Constipation • Unconscious
Contraindications: Pregnancy • Elderly or weak patients • severe abdominal pain from Heat or Summerheat • Urgent care use only
Data adapted from product found online.  Categories 4% or less not shown.

Herbs Cat/Dose Actions Properties
Ba Dou 
Gan JiangGinger (Dried) • 干姜 Warm Interior Expel Cold
Warm interior • Expel Cold • Stop bleeding • Dissolve mucous • Rescue devastated yang • Warm middle burner Anticoagulant • Hypotensive • Antiplatelet • Stimulant • Analgesic • Anti-inflammatory • AntipyreticCholagogicAntiemetic • Antimutagenic
Da Huang • Rhubarb • 大黄 Drain Downward Purgatives
Drain downward • Promote menstruation • Reduce accumulation • Drain fire • Cools blood • Clear heat • Dry dampness • Resolve blood stasis (add near end of decoction) Anti-inflammatory • Antibiotic • Antipyretic • Choleretic • Cholagogic • Hemostatic • Immunity booster • Laxative • Nephroprotective
King/Chief    ♥ Minister/Deputy      Assistant     ♦ Envoy
Directions: Ba Dou is toxic.  Original text has it for emergency use only.  Powder - Grind ingredients into a fine powder.  Take 0.6-1.5 g doses with rice water or warm to hot water.   Can combine powder with honey to make into pills. 
Modifications For

  • Ba Dou is toxic.  Use with extreme caution.
  • Use only in urgent care.
  • Do not use in pregnancy.
  • Do not use for elderly or weak patients.
  • Do not use for severe abdominal pain from Heat or Summerheat.

ALERT: Contraindications of each herb - use with caution under these conditions:
Gan Jiang: Blood thinner medication • Anticoagulants • Pregnancy • Bloody mucous • Night sweats • Unexplained sweating • Heat induced pain • Heat induce vomiting
Da Huang: Pregnancy • Nursing • Menstruation • Qi deficiency • Blood deficiency • Stomach deficiency cold • Spleen deficiency cold • Normal or loose stool • Normal blood flow • Postpartum



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Information in this post came from many sources, including class notes, practitioners, websites, webinars, books, magazines, and editor's personal experience.  While the original source often came from historical Chinese texts,  variations may result from the numerous English translations.   Always consult a doctor prior to using these drugs.  The information here is strictly for educational purposes. 

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