Cong Chi Tang



Scallion and Prepared Soybean Decoction

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Health Benefits
For: Onset cold symptoms • Early stage respiratory infection • Runny nose • Sinus drainage • Mild fever • Stuffy nose • Sore throat
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Green Onion

Fermented Soybeans


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Research (sample)
Categories (Click on ⌕ for other formulas in the category)
Category: Release the Exterior ⌕    Subcategory: Release Early Stage Exterior Disorders ⌕      Family:  ⌕      Source: Zhou Hou Bei Ji Fang  ⌕       Related Formula:
Induce sweating • Release exterior • Unblock yang
Indications and Contraindications
Appearance: Tongue -Thin, white coating      Pulse -Floating      Face/other 
Patterns: Externally contracted wind cold • Wind heat 
Indications: Sneezing • Running nose • Headache • No sweating • Aversion to cold
Data adapted from product found online.  Categories 4% or less not shown.

HERBS Cat/Dose Actions Properties
Cong Bai
9g-12g (4 stalks)
Dan Dou Chi
King/Chief    ♥ Minister/Deputy      Assistant     ♦ Envoy
Directions: Decoct the ingredients with 3 cups of water until 1 cup is left.  Drink the decoction.  Goal of this formula is to expel pathogens through sweating.  If no sweating, then add Ge Gen(6g) and Sheng Ma(6g), boil in 5 cups of water until 2 cups remain.  Drink the liquid.  If still, there's no sweating, then add Ma Huang (6g), and decoct the new set of ingredients in 5 cups of water. 22
Modifications For
+ Chan Tui + Jie Geng + Niu Bang Zi Deep cough and hoarseness25
+ Huo Xiang + Pei Lan Nauseous, chest is heavy,  and food is tasteless25
+ Sheng Jiang + Brown sugar Stomach ache25
+ Huang Qin + Zhi Zi +Lian Qiao High fever25
+ Ge Gen + Sheng Ma No sweating22,25
+ Qiang Juo+Fang Feng + Jing Jie Chills and headaches25
+ Ma Huang Still no sweating after adding Ge Gen and Sheng Ma22

ALERT: Contraindications of each herb - use with caution under these conditions:
I often use this formula when I feel a cold coming on.  I add a few slices of raw ginger, cook the ingredients in chicken broth and add sausage or tofu to make a quick meal.  It works amazingly well for me.  The formula is very mild and has no noted contraindications or side effects.22 I don't notice the sweating, but I do notice that the symptoms disappeared the next day. 


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