Phenols are anti-infammatory, antiseptic, protects against infectioin, antioxidant.  They range from salicylic acid to glycosides.  


Blue berry, raspberry, black berry, artichokes, rhubarb, red cabbage, curly kale, celery, cheery tomatoes, broccoli, rye, and oaks all have high amounts of phenol.

Personal Experience

I had no clue what phenol was until I started researching.  It's basically the chemical compound in plants that has antiseptic and anti-inflammatory benefits.  This makes sense why health sites are consistently telling people to eat berries, kale, red cabbage, etc.  I'm looking forward to noting what plants/herbs have phenol as I move forward with my research. 

Encyclopedia Britannica has a great description of Phenols, its properties, and common usage

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