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This site's mission is to organize herbal information and make it accessible and useful.

Herbal medicine has been my family's trade for several generations - albeit a late start on my part.  My great-grandfather was a life long Chinese doctor, and his father practiced before him.  My grandfather was a Chinese doctor for 25 years until he went to Hong Kong to help his oldest son immigrate to the United States.  Their trade and knowledge were documented in volumes of materia medica that were passed down.  When my parents immigrated to the States, the  compendium was left with a distant cousin and now lost.   I have a very rudimentary grasp of the Chinese language and have been working to correlate the art of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) with the western medical system I grew up with.

TCM concentrates on herbs that are found in China.  While I find Chinese herbs fascinating, I'm even more intrigue by the availability of plants all over the world to treat common ills.   At the end of the day, herbs are truly just different parts of plants that we eat to enable the body's biological systems to operate effectively and efficiently.

TCM is a different way of investigating the body than biomedical science, but it's still the same body.  I'm a big fan of integrative medicine.  I've found that innovative solutions to solving health problems (any problem) benefit from multiple vantage points.  There are many sites devoted to explaining chemical based drugs.  The mission of this site is to educate the world about plant based medicine.

This site captures the scientific studies supporting the benefits, provide quick search capabilities of herbs based on health concerns, shows how a herb is grown and harvested, and how it is used.

I'm learning as I go.  Please share your experiences with the world.    Let's stay healthy together!

This site is a labor of love over time.  Please bear with its imperfections as it grows to educate others.